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7/26/06 11:45 am - in 5.2 seconds stereotypes are obliterated

my mother won't let me change the doctors appointment so that i can hang out with patrick becuase she's a bitch.
and she's being a bitch about hanging out with margaret again. seriously the last time that margaret and i got into trouble together was like november. actually i guess it was march. but she's all like, 'i don't want you and margaret driving around aimlessly' and 'how about i'll just drop you off at the movie and pick you up afterwards'

there is hate.

i hate those surveys on myspace where it asks you a lot of personal questions like
have you ever tried to kill yourself?
have you ever cut yourself?
what is the worst thing you've ever done?
have you ever lied to your best friend?
have you ever been so drunk you passed out?
have you ever hooked up with your best friend's boyfriend?

I just don't understand why you would want to share these things with all of your myspace friends who are usually half people who you don't like or are freshmen who friend everyone at their school, unless you want to prove something to everyone. it really puzzles me.

two days ago i thought i saw a mushroom cloud.

6/30/06 10:02 am - there are amoebas on my walls

Chicago is the wonderfull city.
I'm sitting on the window of the 14th floor with ester.
I checked my debit card balance yesterday : I have $4.95 on the card and $0 cash so yesterday I sat on the steps at the museum with a cardboard sign and sold my photographs for $5 a piece. I made $10.50 yay.
But basically I'm fucked moneywise


6/8/06 09:23 pm - red/green/blue

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